Fazzenda Park Hotel - Gaspar, Santa Catarina, 89112- 900, Brazil

Reservation Policy

The Completion of data at check-in is required for all guests according to rules Instruction of the Ministry of Tourism (EMBRATUR), upon presentation of the original document with guest photo and his companions and presentation Hosting Authorization ( Law 12,038, of October 1, 2009) when accompanied by smaller as responsible for them. So for your reservation to be valid and so we can expedite your check-in, request access to http://www.fazzenda.com.br/checkin/ link to fill out the registration form for all, along with sending the proof of deposit or the credit card data.


Enjoy leisure activities such as nature trails, horseback riding and carriage rides, tree climbing, and as many as, biking, fishing, paddle boat ride on the lake, swimming pools, sports courts, playground, bocce court, with ever a lot of attention and caution to avoid setbacks, following the directions for its use.


By agreeing to the General Policy Hotel, is being authorized automatic payment on the credit card provided, as conditions values ​​and plots chosen at time of booking.


  • .5; "> UP TO 60 DAYS IN ADVANCE:

Credit card on the total amount of the advance. Credit cards charge a 17% administrative fee.


Credit card worth 50% of the credit.


Being made to the reserve between the above period there will be no refund, nor credit card.


In the case of non-attendance on the date will be charged the first night. Sealed packages will be charged in full. There will be no reduction or refund of amounts in the case of early departure.


1. The daily start and finish at the 15h00minh 11h00minh.Failure to comply with these times will result in a new daily automatically generated by the system Hotel.

2. It is not allowed to bring pets w / o Fazzenda Park Hotel.

3. Smoking is not permitted inside the fit and indoors within the establishment.

4.It is not allowed to enter drinking in the hotel, with the same input will be charged the cork with value stipulated by the Hotel.

5. Prices may vary w / o notice.

6. We serve four meals (breakfast ** 08: 00-09: 30 **, ** lunch 12: 00-13: 30 **, afternoon coffee ** 16: 00-17: 30 **, dinner ** 20: 00-21: 30 **), plus a snack by the pool from 11:00 to 12:00.

7.The rear entrance to the agreed date and / or early departure does not diminish the value of the package. Reservations with the down payment characterize the "accept" the client to this procedure Fazzenda Park Hotel and the commitment to full payment of the package.

8. Ball times in Hotel enclose the 00h00min, after this time prevails SILENCE ACT in respect of all guests. Included in this law, the ban on all use and any instrument that may interfere with the peace and quiet of other guests, including this musical instruments and fireworks.

9.It is not allowed to play with any type of footwear on the football field.

10. Our structure does not allow us exclusivity.

11. Daily and packages do not include drinks.

12.Whenever treat yourself to reservations made by tourism agencies, we emphasize that the commission payment is made after check out of the hotel, through bank deposit at the agency's account. therefore it should not be discounted in the payment of the deposit, nor the billet, (if it is billed).

13. The hotel has no tennis equipment for use in court. The same is open and does not require that time be set for their use, however the equipment must be brought by the person who wants to use them.

14.According to the Federal Law Number: 8069, art. 81 Child and adolescent status, is prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol by persons under 18, whether or not accompanied this for some adult above this age. The Fazzenda Park Hotel, acting in accordance with the law not only prohibits, as if the law is not respected within our establishment, demanded the immediate withdrawal of the person who commits this, from inside the hotel.

15 - Issue of invoices: ask for any companies and other legal establishments to make group bookings and or events, if the issuance of invoice for hosted participants is needed, we need the data to be issued on the note with such advance to cadastrarmos in our system until the guest's departure. Otherwise the invoice will be issued only on behalf of their own company hosted or on behalf of individuals. No registration for the issuance of notes will be made at the time of check out.

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