Fazzenda Park Hotel - Gaspar, Santa Catarina, 89112- 900, Brazil

History of Fazzenda Park Hotel

It all began in 1983, in the greenest region of Gaspar. Arthur Graciola and his son-in-law Jaime Rampelotti bought a large plot of land, where Arthur and his family lived in a simple and comfortable house. On a property where the native forest, lagoons, and pastures predominated, the family lived from cultivating rice and breeding cattle.

Three years went by and then a very large house was built to hold the families, and a party room with a swimming pool to gather everybody together at weekends. Arthur’s children the created a Fee-Fishing, transforming part of the rice fields into two lagoons for breeding fish. The weekend meetings encouraged the family to increase the place, open it permanently to the public and serve homemade food, offer horse and cart trips, bicycle rides and outdoor soccer.

The restaurant was so successful that it attracted people from all over the region, who made good use of the day and everything that the lovely spot offered. It was then that the Day-Use was created, which was also a great success, encouraging them to dream of building a hotel.

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In 1994, the charming hill of the large area of land housed the first building, with 48 apartments: the Vila dos Pássaros (Bird Villa) came into being. Trails, lawns, flowerbeds, trees, kiosks, swimming pools, games room and a soccer pitch gave shape to entrepreneurship in the following three years, being officially inaugurated in February 1998.

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With the increased demand, in December 2001, another building was inaugurated, with 51 apartments, which also mixed the modern and rustic style in its architecture: the charming Vila das Flores (Flower Villa). At this time, the leisure area gained more attractions, as the swimming pool with a bar included, a children’s pool, a tennis court and a lawn bowling court.

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More vertical and a much more modern style, the third and largest building was constructed, between the first two, containing 106 apartments, a large restaurant and an events room with a capacity for 310 people: the enchanting Vila dos Peixes (Fish Villa).

On 13.03.2015 we opened the fifth apartment complex, located on the luxury category, attached to the block of flowers.

It features modern décor and is known as the smart apartment because the technology is in the DNA of this accommodation.

Despite its few years of existence, the Fazzenda Park Hotel has evolved a great deal. It has received several awards for the quality of the hotel as well as for being outstanding in environmental conservation. Currently the Fazzenda Park Hotel is acknowledged as the best farm hotel in Brazil.

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